mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Tobacco: The Senate at work!

Tobacco champion Senator Pierre Henri NGALLI NGOUAdeclared during a broadcast show on l'arène CANAL 2 televisionon July 12th 2015 that he is working for the better so far as tobacco control is concerned in Cameroon.
Successfully cancelling the subventions provided for tobacco cultivation in the East region of Cameroon, and there after organizing an awareness information gathering to sensitize other Senators on tobacco related issues, Senator Pierre Henri NGALLI NGOUA wishes more should be done for the adoption of anti-tobacco law in Cameroon. In effect during a live broadcast on l'arène CANAL 2 television, the tobacco control champion in Cameroon explained his point of view: as well as the national assembly, the Senate is also at work towards the implementation of strong anti-tobacco law. He moved ahead to testify that: "Tobacco control problem has been on his mind for some years behind"
Like What else? Tobacco control problem is calling everyone to order!

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