lundi 13 juillet 2015

Tobacco control: The parliamentary network on tobacco control conceive their strategy.

Considering their actions on tobacco control, the parliamentary network on tobacco control organized on July 09th 2015 an ordinary session with regards to their activities follow-up.
Chaired by Hon. LAOUSSOU Pierre, secretary general of the parliamentary network on tobacco control (oxygène), this working session gave the opportunity to Cameroonian parliamentarians of the Oxygen network to share their actions on how to put in place the best laws related to tobacco control in Cameroon.
Given that the outcome of this meeting as a result of the action of members of the network will play a great role on high level advocacy with regards to the adoption of an ant-tobacco law. But also on awareness on the sensitization of other parliamentarians and populations on the harmful effects of tobacco.
Embarrassed by the degree of tobacco in Cameroon, a proposed law bill with objective to obstruct the way for tobacco and its consequences had been initiated by the ministry of public health. But since its transmission in 2012 to the Presidency of the Republic, this is still under scrutiny.

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