lundi 22 septembre 2014

Education: tobacco prevention in the manual of secondary schools.

The entrance of tobacco prevention in the curriculum of secondary schools will enable a better awareness of the youth about the dangers of tobacco.

Despite attitudes changes towards the dangers of tobacco, smoking is increasing. To remedy this situation, Hilaire Abouna, les Classiques Africains, alongside the Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco (C3T), for the first time ever in the Cameroonian educational system, integrated in the module "Health Education" of the Sciences and Technology manual for the level two of the secondary education, a chapter entitled "Emerging behaviors harmful to the reproductive health."

The said chapter describes behaviors that can interfere with reproduction by putting a special emphasis on the dangers of smoking. Indeed, of the four pages covering this chapter, half are devoted to issues pertaining to tobacco.

The manual which meets new Science and Technology programs under the observation cycle was written with the "Skills Approach" (APC). It provides learners with a good knowledge development, skills, behaviors and attitudes conducive to a good response to tobacco.

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