lundi 22 février 2016

Mrs. Hilda Ochefu’s working visit to Cameroon

The sub-regional responsible for West Africa and Cameroon from the American NGO « Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids” came to inquire about the status of tobacco control in Cameroon.

Mrs Hilda Ochefu with C3T members
A tobacco producing country, Cameroon has an extrovert cigarette market of close to 90%. With more than 1 million smokers and its geographical position which places it at the heart of the Central Africa and enables at the same time to assure a connection with West Africa, Cameroon, is a bastion of Tobacco Control in Central Africa.
It is with this challenge that Mrs Hilda Ochefu, the West African responsible for the American NGO “Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids” came to feel the reality of tobacco control in Africa in miniature. During her stay from 16-19th February, 2016), Mrs. Hilda Ochefu held numerous working meetings with actors of the civil society, the government and the parliament.
Asked about the content of her various exchanges, the responsible for West Africa from CTFK gave firstly her pleasure of being in Cameroon, before revealing that the talks had focused on improving tobacco control, and that she had to discuss the situation of the tobacco epidemic in Cameroon, actions by the government to improve tobacco control and the efforts needed to stem the tide.

Mrs Hilda Ochefu with C3T members

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