vendredi 27 février 2015

Burglary at c3T's office: Random or intimidation of tobacco industry?

Located at Titi- Garage in Yaounde, the civil society organization in the fight against tobacco named Cameroonian Coalition to Counter Tobacco (C3T) was victim of burglary. The facts were committed Between 20 and 22 February 2014. Taking advantage of the weekend, the thieves were introduced in the site by breaking the doors. They stole office equipments, computers, Officials papers and household appliances. The amount of damages raises at several millions.

This theft came on the eve of a training workshop for mayors on Tobacco Control. But the determination and the will of the C3T, allowed him to keep the challenge of meeting of exchange and of information with local officials.

C3T thinks that this offense is intimidation of the tobacco industry practices. For many observers this point of view is logical. Because only C3T’s headquarter was burglarized in that building of 15 offices.

An investigation was also opened by the competent authorities in order to establish the facts of the crime and prosecute any guilty.

Despite the loss of its data on tobacco control, Cameroonian Coalition to counter Tobacco, wants to reassure its partners and the public, regarding its determination to do more for the noble and social cause it defends: contribute to the construction of Cameroon without disease- and tobacco-related deaths.

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