vendredi 7 août 2015

Cameroon: Launching a project for the adoption of a strong tobacco control law

The project  " Advocacy towards intensifying the support and acceleration of the adoption of a tobacco control law that reflects to the FCTC in Cameroon ", this was launched on the 04th of August 2015 in the office of the Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco (C3T) in Yaounde, in the presence of members of the civil society, and representatives of the Ministry of Public Health.
Financed by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids(CTFK), this project is different given the implication of the Ministry of Public Health in the implementation of many actions. During this launching of activities, the project was presented to members of the C3T, while facilitating its understanding and a better cohesion of actions within the realization of the activities.
As we can notice from the name, this project will focus on “Particular emphasis on advocacy for the adoption of a strong tobacco control law in Cameroon. The sensitization on the harmful effects of tobacco will be encouraged to reach the largest public possible ", explained by Dr Flore Ndembiyembe, President of the C3T.

This ceremony was an opportunity for the C3T to thank all the members of the C3T for their efforts provided in the domain of tobacco control. Appreciation messages were also sent to all partners and donors of C3T, particularly the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) without which this project would not have been implemented.

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