mardi 27 janvier 2015

Smoking cessation: shortage of nicotine substitutes in Yaounde

Nicotine substitutes, the allies of cessation are now found in Yaounde. Consequently people undergoing the cessation lack clinical compensation means.
Patches, gum, chewing gum, inhalers ... nicotine substitutes are increasingly less accessible
According to some pharmacists, the shortage of nicotine substitutes is related to the supply chain of this type of medication.
Given this situation, it is important that the Cameroonian State solves the problem by registering nicotine replacement products in the list of essential drugs.

Result in the cessation process
According to smoking cessation institutes, the unavailability of drugs impacts on the smoking cessation process. This is the case of the Cameroon Coalition against tobacco, which reopened its smoking cessation unit. For Judith Chekumo officer in charge of this unit, the unavailability of substitute products impedes the cessation process. This is explained by the fact that patients will not have clinical means to compensate for their shortcomings and are exposed to the risks of relapse.
Tobacco Control involves a reduction in demand by the management of smokers, so C3T invites "all those who have a problem with smoking, be it major or minor, as well as all those who simply want to reduce their consumption".
Consultations are done by appointment, at the headquarters of the C3T, located in Titi-garage, "Grace Divine", telephone: (237) 242 015 572.

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