lundi 1 septembre 2014

Cameroon: the new communication strategies of Cigarettes makers

Tobacco companies, faced with the actions of tobacco control, have adopted new strategies to popularize their products.
The law governing advertising was enacted in Cameroon in 2006. This law prohibits all forms of advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products. This law, which aims to reduce the consumption of tobacco products, has contributed to the closure of certain tobacco companies.
To overcome this situation, the tobacco industry (TI) has developed new communication strategies.
Internet: This almost uncontrollable communication tool is the new broadcast channel of the advertising messages of the TI. This is illustrated by the brand "Business Club Super Slim Cigarettes" which created a Facebook page to popularize its products.
On the television, communication is subtle. In clips, movies ... Stars smoke and exhibit tobacco products.

Direct marketing, uses young people to present products to the prospect. Thus, young people dressed in the colors of the TI go along the streets with the aim to market the maximum quantity of products and distribute advertising gadgets to people.

Given the ingenuity of the TI, the Cameroon government should reduce the negative impact of tobacco in our society by taking a strong anti tobacco law.

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