mardi 25 août 2015

Cameroon: Captured by tobacco advertisements

The imaginations put in place by tobacco industries to attract new addicts in Cameroon, seems to be unbearable. From free tasting, and offer as gifts of tobacco products, accompanied by the use of media to initiate consumption.
The violation of the 2006 law on advertisements in Cameroon
Presently, the tobacco industry has launched a campaign to increase its profits, while making Cameroonians to be more addicted to tobacco. Furthermore, every week we notice a new cigarette brand in the market. This action is led by the aggressive marketing strategies from all angles of the Cameroonian territory. Although the Country has a legislation that prohibits the advertisement of all tobacco products.
For example, Yaounde the political capital of Cameroon has “cigarettes girls” whom are paid to parade night clubs, snack bars and public places, while stimulating youths to taste new exciting brands. The innovation recently, is that of free tasting of cigs. Across road sides we can find posters on sales points with T-shirts, caps close to schools, shops……
The case of Douala the economic capital of Cameroon is not save from the ravage of tobacco products advertisement. Here, nothing is left out concerning advertisements. From t-shirts, umbrellas, posters, sale points, vehicles, all is put in place to reach the maximum of persons possible, and particularly youths who are majority of holiday makers.
In the English speaking regions of the country, the industry doubles efforts. Given that people are getting aware of the dangers related to tobacco use in this regions, the cigarette sales is oriented towards rural areas to attract new addicts. The North West region for example, advertisement is more visible and random in villages more than in the urban settings.
The actions of the tobacco industry reveal that, this message passed across is the same, but the context is different with respect to the campaign zones. According to tobacco control organizations in Cameroon, this strategy surely will attract maximum of new addicts.
This scenario contributes to an increase in the phenomenon of tobacco use, and followed by its health, social and economic consequences. For this reason, the civil society is launching a campaign against the manipulations of the tobacco industry and cry out loud for the adoption of a strong tobacco control law in Cameroon.

The violation of the 2006 law on advertisements in Cameroon

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