mercredi 9 septembre 2015

Information: GATS-Cameroon results presented to journalists.

An information workshop with journalists on the Global Adult Tobacco Survey results (GATS-2013), the recommendations of the FCTC proposed anti-tobacco law bill, this took place on the 08th of September 2015 in Yaounde, in the presence of the chief of service of tobacco control at the ministry of public health.
Organized by the Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco(C3T), this workshop falls within the framework of the popularization of the GATS results, enabling the Cameroonian press to have sufficient information on the situation of tobacco use in Cameroon. "The press is a powerfuleducative instrument, reason for which we have consulted the present historians you are in this workshop, to put to your disposal more elements for the better treatment of issues related tobacco issues" explained by Dr Flore Ndembiyembe before adding: "The GATS-Cameroon is the first survey on tobacco use in adults, this enables the better orientation of advocacy towards the best c Thus the importance of rendering these results popular.
During this gathering, the press was equally enlightened on the situation of tobacco control in Cameroon, the proposed tobacco control bill…
After rich exchanges on this subject listed above, journalist promised to continue this sensitization on the dangers of tobacco and advocacy for the adoption of a strong anti-tobacco law.
Organized with the support of the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids(CTFK), this workshop permitted the reinforcement of the implication of the press in tobacco control.

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