lundi 28 septembre 2015

Tobacco use: the Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco(C3T) raise awareness amongst youths of Yaounde III

Within the framework of the sensitization and prevention activities around tobacco use, the Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco, went to meet the youths of Yaounde III.

Meeting with International Association of Students
 in Economics and Management (AIESEC)
Thus, the 25th August 2015, the association striving towards the building of a Cameroon free from diseases and deaths related to tobacco, with the support of the Ministry of Public health, a peer education workshop with associations of Yaounde III. Objective, educating them to be backup as peer educators whom on their part will sensitize others on tobacco use dangers.
Led by the young and dynamic team of C3T peer educators, the discussions were based on the following topics: tobacco and its constituents, its fabrication, tobacco and health, tobacco and sporting activities, how to stop smoking, and the right to turn down the first cigarette.
The discussions ended by an interactive phase during which, youths from their questions declared their interest to anti-tobacco message.
At the end of this sensitization, the youths present expressed their satisfaction by requesting that such encounters should be frequent, with the aim of keeping them awake.

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